October 10, 2017
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October 3, 2017

Campaign Management System

Mautic is an open source application that can be complex if you have no technical skills and have no idea what your hosting server OS runs on. i4Campaigns can setup an account on our primary server that we have customized and configured Mautic on for not just ourselves, our clients who rather have us manage and train them by using our system. We charge a training fee and an account setup fee for this as well a monthly service subscription for accessing and using Mautic.

Mautic provides detailed contact tracking along with powerful contact nurturing tools to help you organize your marketing campaigns. Mautic automates the process of finding and nurturing contacts through landing pages and forms, sending email, text messages, web notifications, tracking social media, and integrating with a selected variety of CRM and other systems.  To use CRM of your own,  you will need to have your own Mautic System setup and installed on your own hosting server.

Are you interested in having Mautic setup, installed, maintained on your own hosting server and you have full freedom to do what you want. We charge a setup fee, along with training, and monthly maintenance to make sure it is current and informing you of new addons and updates that come along that we install remotely directly to your server. (Auto Update is available the problem with Auto Update is you can end up with your Mautic application crashing due to the type of server you are on as well the amount of information you have added into Mautic. We use VPN and SSH connection for doing these updates to make sure that you have a safe and clean update).

You can fill out the Mautic form we have supplied for you to receive a password to our private video we have put together to give you an overview of how powerful Mautic can be.

Mautic isn't recommended to be used on a Shared Hosting Platform, we provide hosting from one of our 3rd Party partners who has up to date, reliable servers.  24/7 hosting support, very fair prices for the different levels of hosting provided.  i4Campaigns recommends a Dedicated Hosting Platform to have full functionality and reliability of Mautic.   The minimum Hosting Platform is Semi-Dedicated.  The more resources you have on your server the better the performance as well the amount of emails you are able to send per day.

SSL also makes a very large difference with using Mautic, having secure forms on websites is a must now days and we also provide SSL certificates to be added to Mautic.

Please contact i4Campaigns by going to our primary website i4Service that has all our other Small Business Professional Services.

How It Works

Six main areas that help you be more successful with Marketing Campaigns by using Mautic and Services provided by i4Campaigns.

Mautic + i4Campaigns = Marketing Campaigns

Fill out the form below to receive a private link to view an introduction video using Mautic with i4Campaigns.