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October 10, 2017

Surveys at i4Campaigns

i4Campaigns has added a new area for marketing campaigns focused on creating Surveys i4Campaigns is the hub of i4Service that is dedicated to Marketing & Advertising and having a wonderful way of collecting information from your audience by having online Surveys created to your needs. Please contact us for more information and will be glad to figure out what the next step would be right for you.

Types of Surveys


Market research

The online survey tool for market research.

Market research is one of the focal tasks for any organisation when trying to gain an edge over competitors. Why is that? Information attained with market research processes delivers valuable insights into customer behaviour and target markets. This is where LimeSurvey steps in and helps you concentrate on the results, not on the processes.

With LimeSurvey you do not need to put a lot of effort into survey creation. Rather use that energy for your results or for survey design. You can choose from 28 different question types, including ranking, long/short text, 5 point and 10 point array, or plain multiple choice.

Once you have created a question master you can copy it and save it for later or reuse it in the same survey.

This saves time through effective design.


Employee surveys

The online survey tool for employee surveys

Employees are the engine of a company, the latter stands and falls with employee motivation, efficency and productivity. There‘s no value in a great customer base if the employees don‘t follow. Thus, it is essential to make sure employees are appreciated, motivated and their well being is taken care of. Hence, the core mission is to find out how your employees score on these different yet equally important dimensions. A great way to achieve this is by simply asking them.

LimeSurvey offers you a tool to create a questionnaire for your employees.

Capture the opinion of your employees anonymously and honestly. Our built-in methods for anonymisation and evaluation ensure an effective analysis of the ideas and the honest criticism of your employees. A simple and effective way to analyse employee satisfaction.


Supplier rating

The online survey tool for supplier ratings

Suppliers are another group of business stakeholders within a company's supply chain. This partnership between an organisation and a supplier requires high reliability and flexibility as it is crucial to the success of the company obtaining the supplier‘s products or services. In order to evaluate the functionality of such a contractual cooperation, regular monitoring and documentation have to be undertaken. This is where LimeSurvey comes in handy.

Establish delivery performance of your suppliers. Whether it is a supplier survey or standardised input control, LimeSurvey's simple and logical survey structure provides the ideal tool to ensure a continuing quality.

Use a static questionnaire to check incoming goods while always using the same questions or use LimeSurvey in conjunction with your phone support.


Customer feedback

Customer reviews with Limesurvey

Your customers are your capital which makes it essential for you to find out their likes and desires. Customer feedback is one of the most important factors in establishing a successul business as it will help you gain insights into customer satisfaction, potential for product or service improvements as well as retaining customers by facilitating the creation of great customer experiences.

LimeSurvey supports you in undertaking this contacting process. Create a questionnaire in order to empower your customers to voice their honest and direct opinion to you. After all, the customer is king.