We are updating and developing new features to our i4Service area for 2017. i4Campaigns website will be complete with all details and information sometime in first quarter of 2017. Please fill out the form for updates, and information.

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Small Business Product & Services by i4Service

i4Campaigns is a service provided by i4Service that is dedicated to Advertising and Marketing Campaigns. i4Service provides numerous products to help with small business marketing campaigns from local advertising, to social media and email campaigns. Having the proper tools to manage all of your campaigns that are being run by you or i4Service can provide you with doing these services for you. Here at i4Service we use the same tools as we sell and also provide training to our clients that purchase the software we use ourselves so that you can manage yourself.

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I4Campaigns has added a new feature to it's multi-level of services called Surveys.

i4Campaigns is the hub of i4Service that is dedicated to Marketing & Advertising and having a wonderful way of collecting information from your audience by having online surveys to have.

Please contact us for more information and will be glad to figure out what the next step would be right for you.


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